Germany – Frankfurt

Frankfurt – Germany


Frankfurt Ambassador – Carola Wondrak  


About Frankfurt

Frankfurt, the financial capital of Germany has so much to offer. The traditional food, events, museums and parks are sure to give you a great way to spend your leisure time. I love that there is always something going on independent of the seasons.

What most people love about Frankfurt is that, while it is a capital, it is small. You can get around by trains and by foot very well. During WWII, many of the buildings were destroyed, leaving the city with a mixture of different architecture.

We have some old, some new and some buildings which are in between. Something that is of political, strategic and economical interest is the ECB, which is based in Frankfurt and is moving into a newly built twin tower in April.

We have about 2.2m inhabitants, which is more than 2800 people per sqkm and all that in an area of only about 250 sqkm!

Female Friendly Hotels in Frankfurt


Great Eating Places


Women’s Networks and Events


PWN Global is a dynamic fast-growing offline and online networking and leadership development platform for professional women of all sectors and industries. With over 3,500 members and more than 90 nationalities, our volunteer-led organisation delivers over 600 events a year in our community of 25 city networks. We welcome you to our events; as a mentor or mentee; to explore our rich knowledge and resources; to learn, grow and leave your legacy, whilst volunteering across the Federation and our City Networks. Find out more about our city networks, here ; join our mission, here ; or, sign up for our monthly event mailer and quarterly newsletter, here. If you want to find out more from a ‘live’ person, don’t hesitate to contact Rebecca Fountain, PWN Global’s Head of Global Marketing and Communication.

Beauty and Fitness

Customs and Safety

Like all cities there definitely are areas you should avoid walking through. However some of the less attractive areas are now evolving into the places to be for hipsters.


Travel and Transport

There are no ladies-only Taxi services
It’s not as bad as NY, so we use cabs, cars and public transport

Public Transportation:

Taxi/ Cabs
No differences between the ranks(all safe; check for the Driver ID!)
Can hail a taxi by calling or from the different parking spaces along the roads


If you are with a group, it could be cheaper going by those (especially to the suburbs!)
If they are private, you might not be covered in their insurance


About Carola

“Die Muse küsst, aber sie muss Dich beim Arbeiten erwischen.”
“The muse kisses, but she has to find you working.”
– Ralf Langwost

And she finds me working, promise! I was born and raised here but with a short diversion to New York. Currently, I work in banking and I love working hard. I try to spend my free time doing as many exciting things as possible. I think I know the city inside out but then something new often pops up to surprise and delight me. I am grateful for the job as an ambassador, because I always love meeting new people who have interesting stories to tell and also enjoy travelling. Being away from home can be bad sometimes and being on a business trip alone in a foreign city can cause some difficulties. Once, I ended up in Spain at a police station trying to explain only with my hands that my phone was stolen. I want to make your travels as smooth as they can be because Germany is nice and I wish y’all (you all) great experiences! Oh and by the way, I was voted the 2nd nicest legs in Germany …but that’s a little while ago 😉

Feel free to email me directly with any questions or follow me on Twitter or contact me via LinkedIn

Networking: See who is networking in Frankfurt now

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