Copenhagen is situated very close to Sweden and Norway, but is easily accessible from all over Europe. It is an old and charming city, with old copper stone walking streets, cute little coffee shops and antique stores. There is also a lot of history and art to be found.

The main shopping street is located close to Copenhagen Central Station and is called “Strøget”. It is very touristy and it is definitely not a bad idea to take the street going parallel with “Strøget” to get a little away from all the tourists. There are plenty of cute little shops at almost every little street in the city center. Make sure you try the local beer; Carlsberg or Tuborg.

Christinania is an extremely interesting place to visit, to get to see Copenhagen from another side. It is its own little “community” with its own rules. It is the hippie part of town and a great place if you want to relax. You will find great, healthy at the organic and vegetarian restaurant, “Morgenstedet”.

Need to get out of the city and see something else?  There are more great options!

#1: Catch the S-train to Lyngby, approx 23 minutes away from Copenhagen Central Station. This is a very cozy little suburb to Copenhagen with shopping streets, a large indoor shopping mall, cafes and the beautiful Sorgenfri Palace Gardens,  great for picnicking and feeding the ducks.

#2: Catch the train to the cute little Swedish city, Malmö that is located only 40 minutes from Copenhagen Central Station. You don’t need a passport or anything to enter Sweden. Malmö has great shopping and coffee shops. There’s also a beach called “Ribersborg”, an old castle (nowadays an art museum), beautiful parks and much more. Definitely worth spending a day up there.


There are buses, S-trains and Metro in Copenhagen.

dining and bars

A cozy spot for drinks or coffee is “Nyhavn”, which is at the harbour. From there, you can also take a boat tour around the city harbour. It will take you to well-known sights, such as The Little Mermaid and the Opera House.



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SAFETY and emergency services

Copenhagen is fairly safe to travel in alone. Of course it’s a big city like any other Capital city, so take your precautions as you would any other place away from home. For more information about safety in Copenhagen click here.

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