City of Nice

It is the heart of the French Riviera. Many consider it to be a paradise on earth with its temperate climate, enchanting coastline, and many leisure options. Once a makeshift shelter for Greek sailors, Nice has become a mecca for visitors around the world. Whether strolling through the narrow and animated streets of the Old Town, or sipping the local rosé wine as the sun sets on the Baie des Anges (Bay of Angels), the color-drenched coast stirs unique emotions in everyone.

 Surrounding Areas

Within 30 minutes to 1 hour from Nice, the neighboring jewels of the Cote d’Azur (Blue Coast) can be reached: Antibes with its ancient ramparts and yacht-speckled harbor, Monaco the fairytale Principality where American actress Grace Kelly became a princess, and innumerable medieval villages perched on hilltops. Further down the coast past Monaco, lies the Italian Riviera, offering its version of the “good life”. For those of you who want to experience the solace and energy of the Mediterranean, footpaths hug rugged coastlines where one can take leisurely or energetic walks and get lost in the moment.

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local business etiquette and customs

Nice has a population of approximately 350,000 people, representing an international mix of French, Italians and other Europeans who have made this coast their home. People are generally relaxed, compared to their compatriots in big cities, and never take for granted the quality of life and beauty of their surroundings. The French Riviera inhabitants boast one of the highest life expectancies in the world.


Nice airport is small, very modern, and user-friendly. It is approximately a 20-minute taxi ride to the hotel. Taxi drivers speak English too.  There are also buses that leave right outside the airport that go to downtown Nice.

Dining and bars

New and delicious Vegan restaurants have opened recently: Vegan Gorilla, and Koko Green in the old city and  Badaboom, a nice vegan bistro right off the port. The port also has a delicious authentic Italian restaurant called “Le Local”. Here you can eat wonderful pastas, assorted platters with Italian specialties, and meat and fish dishes.

For drinks, treat yourself to one of the rooftop hotel bars with magnificent sea views:  The Meridian, right on the Promenade and the Méditerraneé also a few blocks down on the Promenade, Hotel Boscolo Plaza also within walking distance and right in the center near the Promenade.



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SAFETY and emergency services

Nice is generally a safe city compared to larger cities like Rome or London.  We do advise to take precautions though if walking the streets, late at night, with a handbag and/or a lot of jewellery.

ABOUT DEBORAH D’ALESSANDROdeborah-dalessandro-nice

The Attraction

Light, color, and creative energy attracted me to the south of France.  Like Picasso, Matisse and
Hemingway,  I was also inspired by the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. This environment provided the perfect place for people to open themselves up to their limitless possibilities.  It was here that the concept of Esprit Seminars was born.

Earnings for Right Brainers

Esprit Esprit Seminars was created to meet the needs of the ever-growing numbers of entrepreneurs with great ideas, who are more creative, or people driven, rather than strategy driven. Innovative tools and training are used to open the way for these right brainers to enjoy comparable earnings to their left-brain counterparts. Right brain financing tools and Co-creation Marketing strategies are part of the training.  Collaboration replaces competition, easing the way for higher earnings and personal fulfillment.Esprit Seminars

Your Natural Entrepreneurial Flow

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I am honored to be part of such a great project as Maiden Voyage and the community of inspiring women that Carolyn has created around it.  I look forward to hearing from you and greeting you in Nice!   Feel free to contact me via email

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