Düsseldorf is the capital of North-Rhine –Westphalia, the most densely populated federal state of Germany. The city itself has a population of approximately 590 000. Today Düsseldorf is an important centre for trade, administration and the service industries. The city has been chosen as headquarters for many multinational companies and host for many international trade fairs such as IDEGO Fashion Fairs. It is a very multicultural and cosmopolitan city and world famous architects such as Frank Gehry have left their traces here. Düsseldorf is a centre for chic hotels, fashion showrooms, telecom companies, media and advertising agencies and offers an exciting nightlife. Fashion lovers as well as antique lovers will find all they need on the famous KO (Konigsallee), one of Germany’s best-known shopping streets.

local business etiquette and customs

In general for most Germans life consists of two largely separate areas: their professional life and their private life. In professional life, cool correctness is the order of the day. In private, they like to be easy-going and informal. Being on time and following the rules will make your life much easier. In Düsseldorf people are very international, very friendly and mostly smiling, and 70 % speak at least a little English.


Public transportation: The public transportation in Düsseldorf is very easy;  trams, underground, S-bahn lines run every approx. 5-10 minutes, and every  10-15 min during the weekend.

Taxi: Taxi stands in Germany are located in the vicinity of many of the larger hotels, close to tourist attractions, airport, central train station, downtown. When leaving a restaurant or hotel, it is common for them to order a taxi for you. They will then inform you how long the waiting time until arrival will be and it is advisable to wait outside or close to the entrance when the taxi arrives. Often taxi drivers are not German natives  and speak a variety or bits and pieces of foreign languages. You can rely on them to get you to your destination in the shortest/fastest possible manner as they are monitored.

There are two taxi companies in Dusseldorf: Rhein taxi and Taxi Düsseldorf. You can call and order on phone, price is the same: Rhein taxi 0049 211 21 21 21, Taxi Düsseldorf 0049 211 333 33.  I personally prefer Rhein taxi as they proved to be always on time which hasn’t always been the case with Taxi Düsseldorf. Fixed taxi rates are legally binding on all taxi operators. The taximeter must be turned on when the trip starts, otherwise no insurance benefits can be claimed if there is an accident.

Dussseldorf Airport is the third largest in Germany, is very comfortable, easy and has a separate shopping part.


dining and bars

Düsseldorf provides a great variety of leisure activities. There is a huge number of art galleries, museums and theatres which offer a high standard of culture and art. There are a lot of beautiful parks, great restaurants, bars, wonderful shopping. The wide range of typical food offers something for everyone.  Düsseldorf is also known for a big Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese community. Immermann (Little Tokyo) strasse is filled with their traditional restaurants and little stores. Great shopping is also on Königsallee (called also Kö ), Schadowstrasse, Altstadt and many more.


In Altstadt you can find the longest bar in the world, which is actually a whole street, bar after bar, it is difficult to tell where one ends and the other one starts. Drinks specific for this area are Altbier (darker beer), Killepitsch (liqueur) and the Rhenish (white wine);  all very tasty.


The British Women’s Club Dusseldorf 

SAFETY and emergency services

As for the safety I do feel very safe in this city. The one area where I maybe don‘t feel as comfortable is around the central train station so called Hauptbahnhofm just like any other train station in the world. This is a good place for people watching. Also one of the “wilder parts” of the city are some of the streets around Altstadt (downtown), where a lot of partying takes place, the area can be very crowded with lots of bachelor/ette parties going on during the weekend, lots of fun though.

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