Welcome to Munich, one of – if not the most – desirable destinations in Germany! The Bavarian capital was founded in 1158 and was the residence of the Wittelsbach dynasty. Under King Ludwig I famous buildings were erected: the Glyptothek, the Old and New Pinakothek, the enlargement of the Royal Residence, the Feldherrnhalle, Siegestor  etc. It hosts an impressive number of breathtaking museums and cultural sights, and is famous for its picturesque and clean centre, great shopping, as well as for its hospitality. It is also a very safe city to move around in and there is police presence everywhere.

It is a rich city with a very developed infrastructure, public transport is easy and safe. Getting to the city centre from the airport is quick and easy and will take you about 30 Minutes.  A huge park, the Englischer Garten, is the green lung of the city and offers nice walks and famous beer gardens. The Opera and the Residenz, the former city residence of the king, are also worth visiting.

local business etiquette and customs

Germans generally don’t kiss like the French when they greet so shaking hands will do. In terms of a dress code for women, it really depends on the context or client but overall it’s pretty relaxed and often men will not even wear a tie with their suit. Skirts or trousers for ladies with a conservative company or bank but a blazer with trousers or even dark coloured jeans is acceptable. Munich is pretty conservative but ladies are often very well dressed.


Travel and Transport in Munich is safe and easy, the only exception being the main train station, where you should be alert like most main stations around the world. It is however safe within the station due to massive police presence.  Public transport is very well organized and easy to understand. You can purchase tickets at a machine that will provide information you need in many different languages. You can get a really good deal on a day ticket or, if there’s more than 1 person, a partner day ticket.

A very popular app for taxis is called “My Taxi” and you can even pick the driver. The drivers are also rated. Another way to get around is to rent a bike which can be left whenever you’re done with it at specific spots and I can provide the links upon request. If you would like to go to the city from the airport by taxi take Mr. Nestler, Tel +49 1714540173. He is cheaper than the other taxis (under 50€ versus 80€), extremely reliable and quick. I have worked with him for years.



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Munich is a very safe city! Even leaving your door unlocked is not a problem, a friend of mine recently forgot her handbag on her bike for 2 hours and nothing happened to it! Nevertheless, one should not tempt the devil, just don’t flash your handbag and wealth around open and you should be OK. Again, around the main station it is not safe. Also avoid being held up by occasional beggars just to be on the safe side.


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